The passion for gunsmithing started with Abdurrahman Gül in 1967. He started producing a single barrel shotgun in his workshop in the ‘gun valley’ of Turkey, Üzümlü Beysehir. A harsh time with no electricity and everything was of course handmade.

His son Sami Gül joined him and took over the passion & the company in 1984 and they started making side-by-side guns.

The success of their shotguns made them grow even more so they decided to buy the Mizrak brand and patent it in 1996. By the year 1998, Mizrak Arms had started producing reliable semi-automatic shotguns that sold well nationally.

The 3rd generation, Oğuz Gül took over the company in the year 2020 and added technological innovations what makes the company what it is today. He has translated his grandfather's qualitative and innovative legacy into the future.

Nowadays Mizrak arms has the full capacity to design and manufacture all components of any shotguns in its high-tech equipment, development, and production facility. We export most of our products to almost every continent.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, our principle is meeting all kinds of shotgun needs at the most reasonable price policy without compromising on quality.

We use high-quality raw materials which matches world standard in arms production. Our product range covers almost every shotgun and in recent years we have added other technologies such as PCP and tactical kinetic products.

Our goal is to continue to improve our quality and service within defense industry standards and our team will take pride in continuing to serve all valuable customers. We promise high-quality, reliable and innovative products for now and the future.

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